Using healthy natural alternatives can sometimes cost more than you can afford. This is why here at Pinnacle Hemp we have a few different assistance programs to help those who may be in need. Pinnacle’s Full Spectrum CBD has changed so many of our lives here in the company and we want to make sure that we’re able to spread the love, even to those who may not have otherwise been able to get our products.

We Currently have three assistance programs. Firstly, to apply be sure that you have a Pinnacle Hemp account. Secondly, you can fill out the short form at the bottom of the page and submit one of the qualifying documents for the program you’re signing up for. Please mark out any Social Security numbers that may be on any documents you submit.

Once you have been approved into one of our programs your discount will be automatically assigned to your account and applied to the checkout page.  Discounts from the assistance programs are not eligible to be used in conjunction with other sales and promotions.


We appreciate and thank all Active Military, and Veterans that have served. It is with honor that we provide a military discount on all of our CBD products

Low Income

Any U.S. citizen who’s income is below the federal poverty level is welcome to apply for assistance. Your previous year’s taxes must show that your income does not exceed these poverty guidelines set by the U.S. Government.


Anyone with long-term or permanent disability is eligible for this program.

Please visit to find the Assistance Application and more information about the assistance program offered by Pinnacle Hemp